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Innovations for climate, comfort and communication

From strategy to implementation – we support you in shaping the future of aerospace as well as in the security and defense sector.

The aerospace industry is an international growth market with excellent prospects. Nevertheless, the digital transformation poses major challenges for companies in this industry too.
New trends in mobility, increased environmental awareness, advancing globalization – the aerospace industry has long been concerned with digital processes, necessary technical solutions and new data-based business models.

The aerospace industry is considered to be the innovation industry

modern communication satellites for earth observation for climate protection and disaster management
Future-oriented supply of entire residential areas with drones
autonomously flying air taxis
innovative aircraft engines for electric flying
intelligent assistance systems for pilots and air traffic controllers
We support you in meeting the new requirements, sharpening and implementing visions, proactively using growth potential and coping with the associated structural change and cost pressure.

Our expertise to meet your requirements

A modern intercom system for tap-proof communication between control centers worldwide
Software solutions to shorten and simplify approval processes in the aerospace industry
Validation, analysis and management of raw data through big data analyzes from offline archives and online streams
Innovative process chain optimization and shortening in production for aerospace manufacturers (Industry 4.0)
Effective production planning for production companies in the aerospace industry