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CAM Flight Test Management Software (FTMS)

CAM Flight Test Management Software (FTMS)

Shortened approval process for aerospace

The CAM Flight Test Management, which is probably the most modern system that covers all imaginable customer requirements, is in use worldwide in different versions.

Every aircraft requires a type certificate and a certificate of airworthiness in order to be able to participate in air traffic. This is preceded by a lengthy approval process.
With our flight test management software, this can be shortened, flight test plans can be designed efficiently and effectively and the number of test flights reduced. In this way, the approval process can be kept lean and cost-efficient.
The CAM Flight Test Management Software is the holistic solution for our customers from the aerospace industry. Our software solution implements / covers the entire area of process design, from test definition to flight test planning to protocol and approval documentation, e.g. unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), airplanes and helicopters in accordance with the regulations of the aviation authorities.

Our expertise lies in the following areas

Dynamic definition of allowed values ​​for test points
Powerful search function for test points with certain properties
Efficient consistency check for fulfillment of all requirements, missing flight test instrumentation and non-fulfilled requirements
Integrated interfaces to data from flight test instrumentation
Generation of a meaningful flight profile, depending on the content of the test points
Detailed display of flight test planning
Special identification of bottlenecks