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CAM.RF (CAM Rescue Form)

CAM.RF (CAM Rescue Form)

Digital networking of emergency doctors and rescue workers for rapid recording of incident data

All actors are networked through our digital solution.

Innovations for the process optimization of tomorrow – in simultaneous engineering phases, we have developed highly complex software that enables emergency doctors and rescue workers to quickly implement the entire operational data acquisition on a tablet.
Recorded data is transmitted directly to interfaces such as billing, quality data management, hospital information systems, as well as resuscitation and trauma registers. Server-based archiving or central evaluation is also possible.

Our expertise lies in the following areas

Modern tablets with a health insurance card slot
Possibility of expanding to connect an EKG or stroke test device
Documentation of your deployment on the basis of the familiar DIVI protocol
Fast and uncomplicated acquisition and transmission
Drastically shorten and simplify process times
Effective time and cost savings