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CAM Voice Intercom System (VIS)

CAM Voice Intercom System (VIS)

Flexible and secure communication for control centers

The VoIP-based voice intercom system is extremely successful in various control centers and is almost maintenance-free.

More efficiency, reliable parameters: CAM Systems has been providing 150 voice stations with proven flexibility and security in communication between various control rooms for over 10 years. The VIS is extremely robust, can be operated intuitively and was specially developed by CAM for use in control centers. We are constantly adapting the high-quality system to the rapid development of hardware components and operating systems.

Our expertise lies in the following areas

Excellent usability and high quality touchscreen
Support of a very high number of loops and, if necessary, their dynamic connection
Voice communication of the highest quality thanks to a modern audio interface unit
Comprehensible and immediate interception of network failures